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My Approach

The last couple of years have been difficult for so many for lots of different reasons. The events, experiences and traumas that you experience don't have to leave you in shame spiral. There are ways to process it, work through it and allow you to show up authentically for yourself and your relationships. Your emotions are valid and your reactions are safety mechanisms learned through your survival of your experiences. My goal is to help you navigate through these changes, learn about yourself and build a meaningful life in your work in individual or couples therapy.


The relationships and experiences in our lives shape who we are, how we react and decisions we make. As a therapist, I work with you in a collaborative approach to help you process emotions, situations and gain insight that will allow you to live the life you are aiming to in a real and authentic way. My modality  is eclectic (taking pieces of Narrative Therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Internal Family Systems, Gottman Method and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and work with each client to come up with a treatment plan that works best for their situation.  I show up as a human first and then a therapist. I work to be transparent with my clients and let them know I am aware they are the only expert in their life as they are the ones living in it 24/7 while I am with them for only a small portion of that time.

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