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My Approach

Transitions in our lives can bring up a lot of different emotions. Some of these emotions can be conflicting if the transition “should” be happy. My work focuses on individuals and couples as they navigate through these transitions. There are ways to process it, work through it and allow you to show up authentically for yourself and your relationships. Your emotions are valid and your reactions are safety mechanisms learned through your survival of your experiences. My goal is to help you navigate through these changes, learn about yourself and build a meaningful life.


I specialize in millennial adults who are working on mending their childhood past in order to build the life they envision for now, couples who are navigating engagement, marriage (wedding prep too!), fertility issues & parenthood, and women who are becoming moms of their first, second and beyond.


Together we can process, build coping mechanisms and plan for future moments where you are left feeling unsteady. Every client that I see in my office or virtually has an individualized course of treatment that starts with the clients most important goals. Feel free to contact me to see if we would be a good fit! I look forward to hearing from you.

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