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Perinatal Therapy


Becoming a mother or being a mother can be extremely stressful. The mental load that mothers take on is invisible to those around them but impacts the mom day in and day out. Whether you are pregnant, in the fourth trimester, struggling with postpartum or in the throws of motherhood, we can work together to help you make space for yourself, ask for help and gain coping strategies that will allow you to show up the way you want every day. 


If you are pregnant and struggling with any aspect of it and are looking for others in the same situation, please reach out for information for my group “Having a baby should be fun. Pregnancy? Not Fun!” It is a 8 week support/coaching group where we discusses things like anxiety, grief of expectations, toxic positivity, fears and anything else group members bring to session! Each session is $65 for a total of $520 for the total group.

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