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Hear My Thoughts

Margaret Doherty, LMFT has been featured in many articles in The Well by Northwell which is Northwell’s online publication. Margaret gives her expert view and insight on many different topics regarding couples and their relationship. 


  • Setting Boundaries in Your Relationship

  • Could you be Microcheating?

  • Have you Lost That Loving Feeling?

  • When Baby Makes Three

  • Emotional Affairs: Are You About To Cross The Line?

  • I’m Single (And Happy About It)

  • How To Be A Better Parent When Baby Makes Three

  • Understanding Your Crush

  • Watch Porn., Have Better Sex

  • Managing Mismatched Sex Drives

  • My Marriage is Over, How Do I Cope?

  • Looking For My Lost Libido

  • Navigating a Relationship Rough Patch

  • Does Your Mother in Law Drive You Crazy?

  • Have You Lost The Lust in Your Relationship?

  • 5 Ways To Get Your Relationship Out Of A Slump?

  • Am I Falling In Love or Is It Just Infatuation? 

  • All Is Fair In Love – And Disagreements?

  • Most Therapists Go To Therapy – You Should, Too

  • A Relationship Expert Explains Situationships

  • Jealousy: Don’t Let it Break Up your Relationship

  • What Does Generational Trauma Look Like?

  • How I’m Learning to Embrace the Aging Process

  • How Anxious Attachment Complicates Romantic Relationships

  • Navigating Early Menopause: 4 Things to Know

  • Can you Set Boundaries in your Situationship?

  • Masturbation and Relationships: Is It a Problem?

  • Help! My Jealousy is Ruining My Relationship!

  • How Motherhood can Reshape Your Social Circle 

  • How to Help your First Child Adjust to a New Baby

  • 5 Healthy Habits of Modern Married Couples


Margaret also participated as a co-host and relationship expert in The Well by Northwell’s podcast Just Curious….Relationships. All episodes are available on Spotify! 


Margaret has also been on a guest on:


No Such Thing as Love – Communicating Through Boundaries with Margaret Doherty – January 29 2020


Real FCKN Talk – FCKN Fat Phobia with Margaret Doherty – August 2, 2021


What in the actual Fork (formerly known as Drunk Dietitians) – Coping with the New Normal – April 10, 2020 


Dying of Laughter – The Power of Therapy & Losing Your Dad to Pancreatic Cancer with Margaret Doherty, LMFT – May 24, 2021

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