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About Me


My name is Margaret Doherty and I am a NY based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My education has taught me how to look at issues in a systemic way whether I am seeing you individually or as a couple. Being a therapist and the work that I do is my true passion. My career has allowed me to work closely with my clients during life transitions, work through communication problems in their relationships, work on a healthy relationship with their body, grief and mourning and working through current/past traumas.


I graduated from Hofstra University in May of 2014. For the six years post graduate school, I worked full time at an agency that allowed me to craft my skills around crisis intervention and trauma as I worked with clients within the runaway and homeless youth  and juvenile detention systems. I continued to further my education in couples work during this time and became a Level 2 Certified Gottman Couples Therapist. I have worked in the private practice space since 2017 first in a part time setting but moved to full time in the fall of 2020. 

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