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Individual Psychotherapy
for Millenials

We have seen the memes and the tik toks about the impact the world and parents have had on Millennials and while it gives a good laugh, it is also pretty damn true. If you were born between 1982 and 1994, you have lived through unprecedented times…numerous times. Your parents may not be educated about mental health and emotions leaving you feel invalidated around emotions or cause you not to be able to express your emotions.


We lived life without the internet and have watched and felt how it impacts us as it expands and things likes social media began to exist. We have watched numerous tragedies unfold in front of our eyes on TV without always having the support to process. This has led to Millennials struggling with anxiety and depression, have struggles in their family dynamics and relationships and have reactions without the understanding of why it was happening.


I work with my individuals to connect these pieces of their upbringing to their behaviors of their adulthood. We work to learn how to identify emotions while also speaking about them to those that matter to them. Life is hard and you don’t have to navigate it alone

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